The Olympic Peninsula

The Great American Coastline project has been an unbelievable experience for both me and my wife Jan. The places and the people we've met have touched us to our core. I set out feeling in my heart that if I could give myself time, I could produce some of my best work to date. Well, looking at what I have in the bag at this point I can say, hand on heart that that's true. I'm still processing the work and populating the GAC website so check back often over the next few weeks as new images find their way onto the site.

This shot, was not taken on the coast, but Washington's Olympic Peninsula which is simply spectacular and has to be one of my favorite National Parks. This shot was taken just as we had arrived in the Crescent Lake area, the light was warm and was slowly fading, the water was still, the air pure and crisp, it was such a serene place and as I look at this image now it takes me right back to that magical moment...we will return!

  • crescent-lake-2.jpg