Hanging out with Seals

This has been a great week for my photography, I've been able to indulge in the kind of work that moves my soul, and I hope when I post the work, people will see that in my images. Of course to shoot landscapes of the coastline you are not only immersed in the natural beauty, you are also surrounded by the wildlife. Each morning this past week I've started my day at 4.30 am, Jan has often joined me on these mornings as we've driven to a location and then immersed myself in the magnificent landscape that lays before me.

The wildlife has been great to witness too, especially the seals. They are so entertaining and just wonderful to observe. For me, it's been like a double gift, the icing on the cake...I can't wait to see what new experiences unfold on this epic journey!

  • seals-on-rocks.jpg
  • seal-hangout.jpg