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Folow Your Bliss

Follow your never know where it will lead you.

Follow Your Bliss.

“Follow your bliss” it’s advice given out all the time. Find what you love and pursue it with all your heart. I have tried to live my life by this, not always succeeding; sometimes, like others, I’ve fallen into doing work just for the dollar. The reality is though when I look back; all my best work has been when I shoot what I love.

The thing I’ve learned is that there may not be big money or status for photographing what you love initially, but over time I’ve found that work has come to me because of self-assignment projects, things I’ve loved doing. People see what lights the creative fire; and that passion can’t help but be reflected in the work.

It was because of a self-assignment, my wife and business partner started in 2014, that the commission of a lifetime came to us last year. Our 2014 project was called The Great American Coastline. It was a three-month Kickstarter funded project that had us photograph the Pacific coast from San Diego to Cape Flattery in Washington State. It was an awesome time and in 2015 we had a major exhibition of thirty-five images from the trip. It turned out a client from way back heard about the show and turned up on opening night. We talked and he said he needed to chat.

The following week we got together with our client and he offered us the dream assignment. He wanted me and my wife to go to Prince Edward Island for two weeks and capture what we felt was the beauty in the northeastern part of the island…where his wife was from. After thirty years in photography this was the first time we’d been given a blank slate creatively. We were so excited.

With this in mind I knew I wanted us to create something special. It was agreed that we would supply three large finished prints and a video production of our trip. We call our video production a Vidéage®, because it’s a collage of moving stills and video clips, and we try to create an audiovisual meditation rather than a documentary.

So, by following your bliss you may not see immediate benefits from your work, but without doubt you’re sowing the seed for the future, and it’s a future you’ll love.