After The Sun Sets

Most of the time the best light, and the most interesting colors, occur just after sunset and just before sunrise. This day I was racing to get to a location on Ona Beach just south of Newport. The sun was fading fast, but fortunately I knew just where I wanted to be. As I approached I saw a few photographers leaving the beach...they gave me that look that said "dude, you missed the shot" anyway I quickly set up, took my boots off and rolled up my pants so I could stand in the middle of a small creek that was slowly finding it's way to the Pacific Ocean. I set my exposure for just between the sky and the foreground, and selected a shutter speed that gave a hint of movement to the water. It's a simple shot, but I like that about it. It certainly takes me back to that moment, where the light was just a warm lasted just five or six minutes,then lost it's intensity and slowly faded away.

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